I (we) hereby authorize: Forefront Insurance Brokerage, Inc. to initiate credit entries and to initiate, if necessary, debit entries and adjustments for any credit entries in error to my Credit Card, Debit Card, Checking’s, Savings digital or cryptocurrencies account.

This authority is to remain in full force and effect until Forefront Insurance Brokerage, Inc. has received written notification from me (or either of us) of its termination in such time and in such manner as to afford Forefront Insurance Brokerage, Inc. and Depository a reasonable opportunity to act on it.

The Website does not store, send or receive digital or cryptocurrencies. This is because digital or cryptocurrencies exist only by virtue of the ownership record maintained in the digital or cryptocurrencies network. Any transfer of title in digital or cryptocurrencies occurs within a decentralized network, and not on the Website. Both parties understand the risk in large range fluctuations, any premiums made in digital or cryptocurrency that is refunded for any reason will be made in the USD amount. If refund is requested before Forefront Insurance Brokerage, Inc. can convert into USD, Forefront will return the equivalent of the cryptocurrency in the USD amount for the date the refund was requested.

Unless otherwise required by law, in no event shall the owners of, or contributors to, the Website be liable for any damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, loss of use, loss of profits, or loss of data arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the Website or payment portal..

In case of an ACH Transaction being rejected for Non- Sufficient Funds (NSF), I understand that may cause the company to issue notice of cancellation for nonpayment which will generate late fees in addition to the initial payment amount. I also understand that payment to brokerage does not ensure coverage or bind policy.

In case of digital and cryptocurrency payment, Forefront Insurance Brokerage, Inc. does not ensure coverage or bind policy. Payment at the point of order requires a minimum of 24 hours to confirm receipt of payment.

Upon making payment client agrees they have read the terms of use above agrees with the terms of use stated above.